The Most Complicated Looking Chastity Belts

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Whenever we think about Chastity Belt, we think it belongs to the Middle Ages. It’s indeed true!

To dig deep into history, we can trace Chastity Belts were used back in the 1100s by the Crusaders to lock their female partners whenever the men were away fighting the Pope’s war. Then straight to the 16th Century, where a Renaissance poet describes Chastity Belt as “let us be true to each other”.

But here we are not discussing about the scary metal undies that we associate with the medieval times rather we are going to take a ride through the most complicated looking modern chastity belt and how this sex toy is used today by all genders to have  the best time of their life.

If you are new to Chastity belts, let’s start with the basics.

So what are Chastity Belts exactly?

According to various legends and texts, Chastity Belts are basically made of metal  that had holes lined with sharp points that overhang from a women’s body to prevent any sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Back in those days, these belts were specifically used by women, but now Chastity belts are used both by men and women, and are the most popular in the BDSM community.

Imagine how intense it is when one person has literally locked up a part of their body with the keys docked away to their partners. It’s erotic, sensual and arousing.

It can be used by individuals during solo plays, by couples and even BDSM couples.

Before choosing your Chastity Belt……

Before choosing your Chastity Belt go thorough our top tips to choose the best Chastity Belt for yourself.

1.Safety First!

If you want to fall in love with chastity belts and want to use it till eternity, don’t forget to go slow while you are putting on this device. Along with it a bit of a lubricant will do wonders. If you are planning to use it often then don’t forget to clean it thoroughly at least once a week to maintain hygiene.

2.The material

It’s true that leather looks more sexy and comfortable to use and inexpensive too, but it has its own set of cons. It is really difficult to clean leathers and is possible not to last for a long time.

On the other hand, metal is much easy to clean and won’t be affected by the oils and sweat that our skin produces but is a bit on the expensive side.

3.Get a Good Fit

Who would like to use a belt that slides down the waist? Literally, no one! Therefore whenever choosing your Chastity belt figure out which size works for your body and then choose accordingly. Pick the one that can be easily adjusted and also has a smooth surface.

4.Chastity Belt or cage?

Chastity belts are by default made for women but if any men wants to use it, they can also opt for cock or penis cage. The difference between Chastity belt and cage is that the latter goes around the penis and the base of the testicles are used to keep the cage up against the body. Therefore before buying any Chastity Belt make up your mind of exactly what you are looking for and choose accordingly.

Top 4 Chastity Belts

1. Bantie Male Chastity Cage with 2 Brass Locks, Adjustable Silicone Cock Cage with 4 Rings for Male Penis Exercise

Available in four different sizes, this chastity belt is specifically made for men. This chastity belt is made of plastic and has really smooth edges which is much comfortable to use.  With this Chastity Belt you can cage your men for hours and give him the best time of his life.

You will fall in love with the ergonomic design of the belt, as it’s allows one’s penis to breathe freely and also has an opening that allows to urinate easily without any problem. It is hypoallergenic and using it with a Silicone Lube helps it to snug it easily. Wash it with water or soap and your device is all good to go for the long run.

2. Jinqian Metal T-Type Stainless Steel Male Underwear Čhāstǐty Belt for Men’s Party Toys

Entirely handmade, this metal Chastity Belt is made of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade Silicone. With a circumference of 70-110 cm, one can easily adjust this belt to give the perfect fitting around your waist. It has no chrome or nickel plating but gives a luxury feeling whenever one puts it on.

It comes along with a lock that is more seductive to tease your partner. Unless they have the key they won’t be able to open it thus making your foreplay much more interesting. It is designed to make cleaning easy and carries an approximate weight of 1100 grams.

3. LIANJINLI Stainless Steel Underwear for Women

Made of ultra-fine hand grinding material, this chastity belt is one of the best among women. With an adjustable range of 70-94 mm, this black silicon belt will make you moan for more. It has high-quality silicone that makes it really safe to use without the need to worry about infection or discomforts.

Designed with two locks, LIANJINLI Stainless Steel Underwear for Women is corrosion resistant and weighs a total of 600gm. Imagine how light-weight it is to use. Just a small recommendation is to use it with a lubricant or baby oil before using it.

4. Deluxe Chastity Belt

Specifically designed for women, this Chastity Belt is available in different sizes thus one can adjust it according to their needs and requirements.  Built with two straps, one that fits right at the waist and the other one connects it from the front to the back. There is also, a strap underneath called thigh straps that helps to connect this one with the one that goes between the legs.

It’s really comfortable to wear this belt and helps blocks both the vaginal and anal access pathways. It can effortlessly fit waists between 22-35 inches and with 3 locks you will enjoy putting on this chastity belt-like nothing else.


Grabbing the perfect chastity belt, be it for your partner or yourself can be challenging. But once you figure out your requirements and with the proper knowledge you can easily choose the best in the market. Read our reviews of the best chastity belt for both men and women and make your pick. Choose the best chastity belt and have the best kinky moment of your life. You can view more options here, and decide which one appeals to you.