Sharing is caring! is founded by a writer who has practiced Sensual Domination, an erotic genre of BDSM, since the age of 23 years old. This blog is passionate about educating and informing people about all aspects of Sensual Domination.

We started this blog in 2018 initially as a simple self-therapy after the founder’s divorce to collect and organize his thoughts about his unique sexuality with no expectations that anyone else would be interested in his thoughts or writings.

We discovered a social media website for the Fetish/BDSM community, and in a very short month of writing on that site, we had attracted thousands of devoted readers and many loyal friends. Suddenly, we realized there were a vast number of people within the BDSM/Fetish community looking for a more appealing alternative to the predominant BDSM genre of Sadism. Pain is pleasure for many newbie subs and Doms to the BDSM community, Sadism is quite scary and unappealing. These people are searching for a more sensual and erotic form of BDSM, and it was on the previous website we discovered that the kind of BDSM that we had been practicing for 13 years was called “Sensual Domination.”