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Sensual dominance is a balance between vanilla sex and full-blown dominance. It is what most vanilla couples do when they dabble into BDSM. aims to help couples who are afraid to step in the world of BDSM by slowly introducing them to a more subtle version of it.

We constantly brainstorm to produce high-quality content that is focused on introducing some of the well-loved BDSM acts to couples who are looking into something more than vanilla sex. From using blindfolds to temperature play, there is always something that anyone can enjoy without the fear of the usual BDSM acts. Our product guides and recommendations will also help you get comfortable, since they have been tried and tested by many of us and our readers, so there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

When we see that more people are getting into BDSM through our site, then we can say that our goal is met. You can help other couples get to know BDSM by sharing your experiences through the website. You can reach out to us and we will help you get published. Our helpful editors will be there to respond to your emails!